Oct. 2020


UX Researcher & Designer


Miro & Figma


People are currently concerned with trading items and services with others via the internet for many reasons. The solution is a modern bartering mobile application that offers users reviews on the people they are trading with and suggests safe places for users to complete their trades.


To understand the motivation behind barterers, focusing on why people choose to barter, the process they go through when bartering, and what problems people come across while bartering. Seven phone interviews were conducted and a survey was sent out, which received over 70 responses.

Key Findings:

  • Functionality is what makes an item valuable.
  • People are hesitant to trade with strangers because they are concerned they will get ripped off.
  • People prefer to find potential trades online but want to make the physical trade in person.

User Persona:

Created a persona, based off the findings from the interviews and the results of the survey.

Competitive Analysis:

The competitive analysis focused on three virtual trading/marketplaces (Facebook Marketplace, Trade Made, and TradeSwapper).
Facebook MarketplaceTrade MadeTrade Swapper
  • Prompts the user to send a message when viewing items.
  • Can trade items, services, or knowledge (the value of the trade does not matter).
  • Coaching Page - helps first time users understand the process.
  • Users can rate and see ratings of other traders.
  • Users can put items in a different category by accident.
  • There is not a web-version of the marketplace, only an app.
  • There is only a subscription service.
  • Had a complex filter system; difficult for users to search up items.


Created user flows that focused on three major categories for the bartering app: coaching screens, the key features, and prior & after trade notifications.

Prototype & Test

Lo-Fi Wireframes:

Usability Testing:

You are interested in bartering your services with others for items/services in return. Specifically, you are looking for chairs and barstools for your brand new patio.
Task 1:
Sign Up to Tradesies using your email and password then make your way to the Home Page.
Task 2:
Upload an item to trade.
Task 3:
Using the categories and filters, search for green adirondack chairs.
Task 4:
Check your messages about Bar Stools, propose a trade, and confirm trade location and time.
Task 5:
Once you have received the notification, review the person you traded with.
Discovered that users were confused when given the option to enter an address versus selecting one from the recommended list.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

Video of Prototype


Allowing reviews and securing a location would be two significant factors to have included in the app. Users would know who they are interacting with and be aware of where they would be trading their goods.